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High Density Electric Mobile Storage Systems Experts

Electrical Mobile Systems are today's state of the art filing systems. All the benifts of high density mobile filing with a single touch.

State-of-the-art performance. Offering the same high-density storage and innovative design as Mechanical Mobile units, Electrical Mobile Storage, Filing and Shelving Systems also provide dependable safety, security and performance.

Requires no special skills to operate. Users gain access to materials by simply touching the keypad. One touch programming allows users to lock carriages, create new aisles, change stopping distances, and activate other functions without expert assistance.

Advanced safety features. Multiple levels of active and passive safety, including an emergency stop that is activated by even slight pressure against a moving carriage, assure user security.

Reliable and durable. Solid state sensors and controls virtually eliminate maintenance. Heavy-duty electrically driven motors ensure easy access even under maximum weight conditions.

The newest member of the High Density Mobile family is the electric drive system. The engineering design on the New Electric Mobile System’s drive is so creative that the (solid state circuitry) electric drive mechanism can be installed on (both) a new mobile system or an existing mechanical assist system.

Electrical Mobile Systems can be linked to your computer databases, fire, safety and security systems. As technology advances, the system can be re-programmed to keep pace. Existing mechanical systems can be retrofitted to take advantage of electric technology.

Safety system questions are at or near the top of any electrical or computer controlled mobile system evaluation chart. The LOGICPlus™ controller provides the most comprehensive array of safety alternatives ever offered. Historically unreliable and repair intensive approaches such as activated flooring, mechanical plungers and mechanical sweeps have been replaced with complete interface to all leading safety tape and photo sweep systems. The LOGICPlus™ controller is designed to interface with today’s most advanced PIR infrared systems and digital photographic aisle monitoring systems.

Other benefits:

  • large touch pad for easy "hands-full" operation
  • no moving parts ensure maximum reliability
  • UL-listed
  • LED diagnostics simplify problem identification
  • programmable transponder technology eliminates the need for locks and keys
  • simplified user training minimizes start up costs
  • all functions and permissions can be updated through optional PC interface
  • system can be programmed to integrate with fire alarm, HVAC and lighting

high density Electric Mobile Filing Systems

Manual Pull Mobile  

Manual Pull Mobile System- Great for small sized filing or storage applications where the carriages are less than 8 feet. You actually grab the handle and pull the carriage back and forth.

Mechanical Assist Mobile 

Mechanical Assist Mobile Filing System- Great for carriages up to 52 feet. Can hold any weight load and use a handle to move the carriages back and forth.


Electrical Assist Mobile

Electrical Assist Mobile Filing System- These are the state of the art of the filing industry. You simply push a button and the carriages open and close for you.

High Density Electric Mobile Filing and Shelving Systems come in many different shapes and sizes for hundreds of different storage applications. High Density Shelving and Filing Systems are composed of tracks anchored into your floor with moveable and fixed carriages sitting atop the tracks. On top of the carriages will sit any of dozens of different types of shelving systems or cabinets for your storage needs.

There are three different ways to operate a high density shelving system. A Manual operated system has a fixed handle on the end panel, which requires grabbing the system and pulling the system side-to-side to create an access aisle. This system is only advised for the smallest and lightest applications for safety considerations. Mechanical Assist systems are the most common and cost efficient high density shelving systems. Mechanical Assist systems have three spoke ergonomic handles attached to each moveable carriage in your system and rotate like a steering wheel with the spokes rotating in your hand as you rotate the handle. Electric high density systems are the third control consideration for operating your high density system. Electric controls allow you to operate the shelving system with the push of a button. These systems provide advanced safety features not available in the manual and mechanical assist systems.
Shelving Systems available for use in high density storage systems include four-post shelving, cantilever shelving, case style, high density drawer systems, museum cabinets, weapon racks, pallet racking in heavy duty systems and most other shelving systems available.

Carriages are available in both welded and bolt and rivet models from various manufacturers. Carriages allow the storage units to roll from side to side on the structural tracks, creating collapsible aisles in the high density system. Carriages are also rated for different pounds per lineal foot, with versions at 1,000 and heavy duty high density systems are available at 30,000 and 60,000 pounds per lineal foot.

High Density Shelving Systems offer several different safety requirements ranging from a mechanical aisle lock to a passive infra-red safety sweep available both in mechanical and electric systems.


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Services our Dealers Offer:

  • Space Planning for Maximum Filing & Storage Efficiency
  • Installation Services for Filing, Storage & Material Handling Products
  • Consultation Services
  • CAD Drawings
  • Relocating Existing Systems to New Locations- File Moves
  • Backfile Conversions- converting top tab or side tab folders
  • Document Imaging and Microfilming
  • Electronic Records Management
  • Off Site Archival Storage Barcode Tracking
  • Maintenance Contracts on Appropriate Equipment
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    Our customers find that we are the most efficient, cost effective and service oriented high density Electrical mobile storage company.

    We deliver the results you want We are the premier high density filing and rotary file systems supplier in the Houston area. We specialize in saving time, space, labor, and as a result money, for our clients. We lead the industry with innovative filing products and offer expert guidance to help you select the combination of folders, indexes and labels to maximize your filing efficiency.

    Satisfying customers for a quarter century With over 25 years of filing industry experience, our mission is to save you money by providing efficient equipment, supplies, systems and most importantly service. We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas to enhance our customer's satisfaction. For at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

    High Density Electric Mobile Storage Experts has been an industry leader in Houston since 1980. We specialize in the energy sector, law offices, medical and educational facilities and many more. We understand your filing needs intimately.